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If you are looking for a no-nonsense, real world blueprint for starting and running your own successful membership site - look no further. Kim has done an excellent job of making it easy for anyone to follow her directions and implement their own membership solution.

This is truly a definitive guide that covers every aspect site owners may face throughout the process and Kim is there to guide them each step of the way.

Kim answered questions I didn't even know I had and I now feel as though I am completely armed with the necessary knowledge to run my own membership site.

Before you even think about setting up a membership site, read this book. You'll be glad you did - I know I am.

Cary Stuart





You have provided a truly informational product that has good value regarding information sought by someone who wants to operate their own membership site.

As I started reading, I could not contain the excitement that finally... here is something of outstanding value that delivers a no fluff, and no hype about the subject I am reading on.

It was truly wonderful to see all the areas you mentioned that would ultimately lead to creating a successful membership site. There were topics that you touched that most products would not even mention, and it was a great learning curve for me.

I can safely say, that some of the information is truly valuable and that I will apply some of the information to my own hobby website, Anime

Thank you for creating this great product, and as for the bonuses... it's hard to describe how helpful that was to me.

Thanks once again!

Sarah-Jane Harvey




There are no more excuses for putting it off.

YOU can start and run a membership site because in her eBook, Insider Secrets to Running a Successful Membership site, Kim Standerline, puts you on the fast track to success. 

If you don't know what to make your site about, that is no problem because Kim starts your mental juices flowing.

She doesn't tell you what the theme of your site should be, she helps you think of a subject that will best fit you and your passions. This lessens the work factor because you will be getting paid to do something that you enjoy enough that you wouldn't mind doing it for free. 

Kim offers an abundance of tools both free and low cost to help you read today and be in business tomorrow. 

I highly recommend Insider Secrets to Running a Successful Membership site.

George Wright, 




When I first requested Kim Standerline's "Insider Secrets to Running Your Own Membership Site" I expected to find out something new, but I didn't expect that it would be written to not only inform, but truly educate.

Not only does she provide invaluable information, but actually makes it understandable and shows how to apply it.

While I'm not new to this field, I learned many things and relearned things I previously only thought I had a firm grasp of.

Courtesy of "Insider Secrets to Running Your Own Membership Site" I've gained considerable and valuable insight how to improve my planned launches, and go back and improve past projects in ways I hadn't even conceived of before!

To have access to this kind of information, I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who wants to start, or currently has a membership site to buy "Insider Secrets to Running Your Own Membership Site." I'm certainly not letting go of mine!

I'm going to incorporate what I've learned into every membership site I run or start from here out.

Scott Burton





What an awesome behind-the-scenes look at how easy it is to start your own PROFITABLE membership site! Gives you a rock-solid plan for generating income from the very first day

And the secrets you’ll discover for cross-selling and up-selling paid members is more than worth the measly peanuts you’ll pay for this guide.

Plus, you’ll get plenty of ideas for building, and running, a cash-spewing membership site in any niche you want – without the headaches and stress.  Before you go online... get this book!”

Collette Gillian




Hi Kim,

I just wanted to congratulate you on your new book, "Insider's Secrets To Running A Successful Membership Site".

It's a fantastic insight into running membership sites with some great information.

I can highly recommend this to anyone considering starting a membership site and found some great nuggets in there that will help me with my new site.

Thanks for a great read!

Jason E Johns




Two Thumbs Up!

I had the opportunity to check out Kim Standerline’s
“Insider Secrets To Running A Successful Membership Site”
And I can honestly say that she did an excellent job.

Everyone who is considering launching their own membership site but feels overwhelmed by the tasks to have be done to accomplish this, should grab a copy right away.

Kim will lead you step by step through the whole process and she covers everything you need to know to become a proud and successful owner of your very own profitable membership site.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of her profound knowledge of running successful membership sites. As someone who runs several membership sites herself, she can teach you truly everything you’ll ever need to know.

Peter R. Sherman




I have always believed that it is important to have a detailed and accurate overview BEFORE starting a new business. Unfortunately, they are rarely available.

If you have any thoughts about starting a membership site -- for ANY niche-- reading Kim Standerline's new guide,*Insider Secrets to Running A Successful Membership Site* should be the first thing that you do. This gives you the BIG PICTURE for memberships sites!

Kim provides a detailed, comprehensive overview to membership sites. She covers each step from the initial idea to your site's Grand Opening and beyond... in clear, easily understood English.

Membership sites are an alluring business prospect, but there are pitfalls. Kim's guide provides you with the information you need to avoid the majority of them.

If you have given any consideration to starting a membership site, do yourself a favour and read *Insider Secrets to Running A Successful Membership Site* immediately!

Tink Boord-Dill




'Insider Secrets To Running A Successful Membership Site' is loaded with great, practical and easy to understand advice on how anyone can run a profitable membership site.

Kim Standerline takes her readers by the hand and shows them exactly how to choose a topic, how to conduct market research, how to create a winning business plan, what tools to use to launch and promote their new site. And much more!

I highly recommend this valuable resource to anyone that's interested in starting a membership site or is looking for ways to increase the earnings of an existing site.




 As a newcomer to Internet Marketing, I've been eagerly awaiting your Membership Secrets, and it was well worth the wait.

Despite its potential for great financial rewards, many of us are confused and intimidated by the prospect of running a membership site, but you've demystified the process and helped me to realize that I can do this!

Your book covers all the aspects of setting up the site, outsourcing, driving traffic, communicating with members, and so much more.

Membership Secrets is exactly what I've been looking for to help me build the foundation I need to create my membership site and turn it into a profitable venture. With your help, I'm ready to get started - thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise!

Kat Bartone


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